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Bought default port, it's not working.

Discussion in 'General Server Help' started by James Grunshaw, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. James Grunshaw

    James Grunshaw New Member

    I bought the default port addon, but it's not working. It seems to redirect me to another server that is not mine.

    Server: jhql.playmc.pe
    Port: 19132

    I'm not acutallly sure what the old port was, I never actually wrote it down. I tried to disable the default port feature, but it doesn't work. I also tried to reset, it doesn't work either. I also tried creating a custom playmc.pe domain, which also doesn't work. Every entry I put, no mater how obscure, states it's unavailable.

    I opened a ticket, no answer at the moment.

    Please advise.
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  2. player123

    player123 Discord Helper at https://discord.gg/8cAPFuq

    I am sorry to here, when you enable default Port have you actually rebooted the server? And in this case the ip thing is a well known issue and should be fixed soon if you can provide your support ticket number I would gladly get an devloper asigned to it
  3. nhaplayz

    nhaplayz B0ss Poster

    I had this issue before,it's because someone is already have that ip of your server with default port so when you buy default port it will make your server unavailable,the only way to fix is change your ip with custom playmc.pe domain and custom playmc.pe domain bug is fixed now,you can change now
  4. AlexCraftYT

    AlexCraftYT Sir Talksalot

    Or you could ask at [email protected]
    They can help you with this issue, without you needing to buy a new ip or a domain.

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