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Custom Command: /report

Discussion in 'General Server Help' started by AlexCraftYT, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. AlexCraftYT

    AlexCraftYT Sir Talksalot

    I have been asking how to make the custom command /report using Custom Commands and Server Mail.
    Thanks for help.
  2. player123

    player123 Discord Helper at https://discord.gg/8cAPFuq

    I do not know if you can make /report with custom commands and ServerMail combined I would just suggest a completely diffrent plugin at https://forum.mcpeservermaker.com/index.php?forums/plugin-suggestions.61/ for that suggestion
  3. Melonenbubi

    Melonenbubi Sir Talksalot

    Type: /customcommands create report
    /customcommands rmc report 1
    /customcommands ac report mail send (set name of admin) {args[1]} is reported by {sender} for {args[2]}
  4. KevinWho

    KevinWho Climbing the Ranks

    how do i ad more args

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