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I'm selling my server. But don't worry about me.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Haney Drake, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. Haney Drake

    Haney Drake Established Playstation △○✕ □ UNCHARTED OFFICIAL

    I'm sorry guys, but I have to sell my wide server. I just need some emergency funds for real. :'(

    But, I'll be right back, I can still play MCPE if I got some funds.

    Reason for Selling: I need emergency funds.

    It contains a lot of plugins worth 150k credits. And still have more credits worth 3k credits left.

    Plus, if you buy my account server... I have my insurance for adding credits on the acc. (But of course, you have to wait for a bit).

    I can send you screenshot of the specs of the acc., if you are interested to contact me on Facebook.

    And if you are interested, you can pm me. :

    Note: This is a rush offer. If you would buy it today, I'll give you more discount.

    Thank you. Post to Permission, admins.
  2. sebasti1987

    sebasti1987 Member

    bonjour, oui moi sa m'intéresse si jamais car j'ai déjà mon serveur avec presque tout les plugins mais je pensai pouvoir lier un autre serveur de mon serveur dédier mais le plugins: network transfert ne fonctionne que pour transférai entre serveur playmc.pe donc oui il m'intéresse beaucoup merci de ta compréhension (désoler d'avoir répondu ici et pas sur ton fb.

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