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Patch List 1.8.2017

Discussion in 'Patch Lists' started by SrVr, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. SrVr

    SrVr Administrator Staff Member

    Patch List

    Today marks the third of our patch notes posts, we will be making these type of posts on a regular basis, some will pertain to server fixes, whereas some will focus on future updates.

    Here's a list of what has been applied to all 1.1.4* game versions!

    • We've made some mitigation fixes to different variations of 'sound' on levels, some sounds that have been previously unavailable or broken will now function.
    • We fixed an issue causing a timeout on login for select servers
    • Chicken eggs when thrown now have a 1 in 8 chance to spawn a chicken (babies coming soon!)
    • Furnace recipe is now again craftable
    • Land protection no longer prevents fallingsand slappers from spawning
    • /area whitelist command is now fully functional
    • warps will now automatically load a level if the warps level is unloaded.
    • We've fixed an issue affecting select servers on shutdown that would result in the server taking up to 5 minutes to reboot versus the standard 20-50 seconds.


    We've have many new plugins and mini games in development for our awesome customer base!

    Today we're gonna talk about hide and seek, almost every person on this planet has played this game, it is known as "hide and seek" "tag" and many other names but the concept is the same. One player is the seeker, the other players are hiders, the seeker must tag each hider before the hider reaches the base. (in this case a floating green wool block above the base location!)


    You can use the plugin as a host by typing /hshost <time-limit-in-minutes>

    Players can then join the hosts game by /hsjoin <hosting-player-name>

    Thats all for now, we hope you enjoyed reading!
    -mcpeservermaker team
  2. nhaplayz

    nhaplayz B0ss Poster

    can you guy update the app in amazon app store?
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