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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by CreeperEvolves, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. CreeperEvolves

    CreeperEvolves New Member

    Ign: CreeperEvolves
    Main Email: [email protected]
    Position Applying For: Server Admin or ServerMaker Helper
    Why apply?: I am applying because I want to help ServerMaker and ServerMaker Workers to keep all server running well and maintaining peace and order at all times within each server.
    Characteristics: I am an active MCPE Player and I am a staff of most Pinoy servers particularly I am a MAINOWNER in PinoyLifeCrime (leet server tho) . (Shoutout for ZyoJin). I am trustworthy and so active. I have been using ServerMaker for along time already but I had so many problems managing them for it is so hard to find donators so I suffered for they all died.
    Contact me at my email [email protected] or kik me DIGGERMINER or pm me in Facebook Eljon Viola..(I have two accounts message them both because the other is one not accessible anymore).
  2. CyberRadicalz

    CyberRadicalz New Member

    I'm Applying For Staffs Please Accept I Want To Be A Part Of This Server Maker Staffs Plz Accept Me

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